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Spletno mesto uporablja piškotke za izboljšanje uporabniške izkušnje in potrebe analiz obiskov. Z nadaljnjim obiskom in uporabo spletnega mesta soglašate s piškotki. - Več informacij
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Promotion rules and conditions



1. Promotion description


These rules and conditions regulate the promotion organized by Droga Kolinska d.d., Kolinska ulica 1, 1000 Ljubljana (hereinafter the Organizer), via Facebook.


The promotion is organized with the purpose of promotion brand Cockta. The promotion begins 6.9.2017 and ends 13.9.2017. Entries must be received by 13.9.2017. By entering this promotion, each participant accepts and agrees to be bound by these rules and conditions.


This promotion is in no way associated with Facebook.


2. Who can participate at the Promotion


The contest is open to anyone that is eligible to use Facebook in accordance with rules on Facebook. If a minor (person under 18) is selected to get promotional materials in this promotion, his/her rights must be represented by parents/legal representatives. Employees or agents of the Organizer and their families may not participate in this promotion.


To have the opportunity to get promotional materials in this promotion, the participant must give the Organizer the right to freely publish the entry on their own platforms when the recipient of promotional materials are selected.


3. How to Participate the Promotion


Only entries submitted online via Facebook page Cockta will be received.


To win this prize all you need to do is next:


1. Follow Cockta FB page


2. Every day tag another friend with #cockta #cocktaroadtrip


3. Subscribe on YT Cockta channel


4. Find an answer in the vlog


5. Leave your answer in the comments below the vlog



And only contributions published during the dates of the promotion will be included in the selection of the recipient of promotional materials.


It is not necessary to buy anything to participate in the promotion.


4. Promotional materials




1x iPhone 7



5. Conditions of Acceptance of Promotional materials


The winner will be annouced on 14. 09. 2017.


Promotional material will be sent via post office. The Organizer cannot guarantee any time of delivery for promotional materials. Recipient of promotional material will be informed about delivery details of promotional materials through email. Promotional materials(s) may not be exchanged for cash or any other consideration. The recipient of promotional material agrees to the use of his or her name and likeness in publicity without any additional compensation, except where prohibited by law. The recipients of promotional materials will be notified personally by the Organizer and published on Facebook profile. By entering this promotion, each participant acknowledges that Organizer has the right to publicize and broadcast the recipient of promotional material’s name, and likeness, the fact that he/she won, and all matters incidental thereto.


In case of prize with higher value could be arranged that the prize is collected personally.


6. Limitation on Liability


By entering this promotion, each entrant discharges and releases the Organizer from any and all liability, claims, causes of action, suits, and demands of any kind arising from or in connection with the promotion, including, without limitation, responsibility for property damage, loss of life, or personal injury resulting from or in connection with participating in the promotion or from or in connection with use or receipt of the promotional materials(s), however caused. The Organizer is also not responsible for deleted, damaged or spoiled contributions.


7. Personal Information


You are providing your information to the Organizer. The information you provide will only be used for choosing the recipient of promotional materials and offering you promotional email services.


Each entrant has the right to access, modify, correct or remove the information concerning him/ her by writing to the info@cockta.eu.


8. Tax


The organizer is not responsible for any tax or other obligations, which could arise in connection with participation in this promotion.


9. Applicable law and jurisdiction


These rules and conditions shall be governed by Slovenian law.


Parties will do their best to amicably resolve any disputes relating to promotion or interpretation of these rules and conditions. If amicable solution of the dispute will not be possible, discretion falls within the competent court in Ljubljana.


10. Reservation of Rights


These rules and conditions may be a subject of modification by the Organizer. The Organizer reserve the right, in its sole discretion, to disqualify any person who tampers with the entry process or voting process, or who otherwise acts in violation of these rules.


The Organizer reserves the right to adjust these rules and conditions during the promotion.


Droga Kolinska d.d.


Ljubljana, 05. 09. 2017